What We Do For You

  • Customized and flexible lessons for employees
  • Tailored workshops for employees in Business English concepts
  • Monitoring progress and advancement of English abilities
  • Immediate feedback on English-to-English business calls
  • Aiding in the recruiting and hiring process, examining and determining candidates’ levels of English
  • Individual employee assessment on communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Editing of marketing and PR material
  • Translation of legal documentspp


There are great English learning platforms, but the face-to-face interaction with an English teacher, and the personal relationships and feedback have been irreplaceable for us because they speed up learning and make it more fun. Thank you O&H Solutions for filling this void that we had.

Elkin Henao – Executive Director – IEB Engineering


The topics for discussions are always real world events and of interest to the students. The classes are dynamic to keep students engaged and the students are always receiving feedback about pronunciation, vocabulary and general performance.  An excellent group that motivates and develops our team members.

Mitchell Bardack – Partner,  AFC Accounting


For our team, English communication skills are very important. We began working with O&H Solutions during the pandemic, and we’re very grateful for their patience and dedication. We highly recommend their services.

Ricardo Jaramillo – Partner, Quip Law


“Their teachers show punctuality, respect, and commitment. Our experience with O&H Solutions has been excellent.”

Gloria Acevedo – CFO, S4DS