We believe that the best way to learn English is through the communicative approach. We encourage constant interaction and discussion throughout the class. While grammatical structures and traditional exercises are important and included in our classes, we always design our lessons to promote real communication. Our goal is to provide a positive, relaxed environment where students feel free to express their opinions and share their stories.

In order to achieve this, we create exercises and activities using up-to-date news articles, podcasts, and youtube videos. In fact, apart from beginner students (A1, A2), we do not even use textbooks. Language acquisition takes place when students are interested and engaged in the material at hand.

And lastly, we strongly believe in the importance of feedback. In the last five to ten minutes of each class, our teachers highlight any mistakes that occurred throughout the discussions. And for businesses that work with clients in English, we can provide real-time feedback. With prior permission from all parties, we will listen to business meetings and phone conferences in order to give detailed feedback so that your employees are constantly improving their English abilities, inside and outside of the classroom.